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Frequently Asked Questions

Are kitchen wall art pieces recommended?

Absolutely! Although the living room, dining area, and bedroom are the most common parts of the house to hang artwork, there's no reason to limit your art display to these rooms. Direct Art Australia offers reasonably priced kitchen wall art that will allow you to enjoy them as you prepare dinner and establish a focal point that adds aesthetic appeal.

Are kitchen wall art expensive in Australia?

Prices vary greatly, particularly on where you purchase the art pieces. At Direct Art Australia, all our kitchen wall art only cost a few hundred dollars. Without the gallery overhead costs, we can offer hand painted kitchen wall art made by professional artists at such low rates. You can even pay for your orders in installment with no interest.

What makes kitchen art popular in Australia?

Kitchen art is popular not only in Australia, but also in other countries because of the significant value it brings. Art adds colour, style, and a new layer to your kitchen. Because kitchen renovation costs a fortune, adding wall art can revamp the room's look quite easily and without the huge costs.

What is the best placement of paintings on canvas for kitchen?

If you're going to hang paintings on canvas in your kitchen, it is recommended to place it far from the kitchen stove to keep it away from cooking grease. Displaying artwork on open shelving is also a big trend.

What types of kitchen prints on canvas should I display?

Paintings of food and farm animals are the most common, but modern homes don't stick to those subjects and themes. Go for something you'd personally like to see in this room where you spend so much time in. You can hang pop art, renaissance art, contemporary art, abstract, floral art-- or pretty much anything you like.

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