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Outdoor Wall Art


Browse outdoor wall art for your entertaining area, garden, pool area or an inner city pad's verandah.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is outdoor wall art in Australia expensive?

The cost of buying an outdoor wall art depends on where you buy it. Those which offer prints created by machines sell them for a few hundred dollars, while other companies that offer outdoor art made by artists price them for as much as thousands of dollars. As one of the most affordable online art dealers in the country, Direct Art Australia offers 100% professionally hand painted outdoor wall art for a reasonable price range.

Where can I buy affordable, yet quality outdoor wall art in Australia?

There are physical and online art dealers throughout Australia, with some offering prints and others selling art pieces created by professional artists by hand. For affordable 100% hand painted outdoor wall art, Direct Art Australia is the best place to look.

Is an outdoor wall art for the pool area a good way to decorate your outdoor space?

It sure is! An outdoor wall art is a creative and easy way to decorate an empty concrete wall in your pool area. By displaying a wall art, your outdoor space will have a more sophisticated look and feel.

What are some good outdoor wall decor options in Australia?

Depending on the theme that you want to achieve, you can decorate your outdoor wall with plants and metalwork, have a customised mural, or add texture using stones, bricks, or wood cladding. However, if you are looking for a convenient, cost-effective, and low maintenance outdoor wall decor, displaying outdoor wall art is your best choice.

Are hand painted outdoor wall art better than outdoor prints?

Yes, because of the human element that adds personality to the artwork. Outdoor prints are created by machines, while Direct Art Australia's outdoor wall art are all meticulously hand painted by professional artists. You are not just buying an object-- you are buying years of practice in perfecting the craft and hours of creating the actual product.


Outdoor Wall Decor

We create outdoor spaces in our homes and offices to revive our lost energies. The decor of these spaces plays an essential role in moulding our feelings. After all, good ambience sets a good mood. 

We, at Direct Art Australia, understand that. Our collection of outdoor decor items is curated to fulfil your needs of uplifting the vibe of your exterior spaces like gardens, patios, backyards, and terraces. Add these outdoor wall art pieces to your areas and bring them to life. Each one of these is hand-painted by our highly skilled artisans to satiate the art lover in you. The abstract designs and bright colours are perfect to set a refreshing tone for your outdoor areas. Sturdy, high-quality metal serves as an ideal base for these outdoor wall art pieces so you can rest assured about the durability.

These outdoor wall art pieces are ready to hang and flaunt. We also offer free shipping Australia wide. Check out our on-sale articles and order yours today!


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