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Art Consulting and Renting

Rent an art piece for a special occasion or hire any of our art consultants for interior décor advice

Direct Art Australia is the leading creative and commercial art decorator and manufacturer in the country.  We specialize in a variety of artworks for several industries such as hospitality, food, and offer an excellent array of office art for corporate offices nationwide.  Our prices for oil canvas paintings, famous art reproductions, portraits from photos, and the rest are just the right amount for the everyday budget as we cater to both individual customers and medium to large corporations.

Your choice of artwork for your home, office, or establishment should be based on what you want your customers and clients to feel once they step inside the room.  Spacious empty walls make a room feel lonely, empty, and bare which is why magnificent artworks like oil canvas paintings can and will bring them back to life.  On the other hand, if the current wall décor does not fit the style and the ambiance you want to convey with that particular room, those who walk in will feel uncomfortable and would cringe at how the colors and styles clash with the overall purpose of the room.

This is why you should be careful and analytical with the kind of artwork and décor you decide to buy.  Direct Art Australia offers free consultation services for clients looking to seek professional advice on art and wall décor.  We offer our sound advice on what kinds of artworks to buy based on your needs and your current interior design, how much the overall cost will be, and how we can supply the wall art décor for your establishment.  Just give us a call and one of our expert consultants will be happy to provide you with an accurate quote.

Direct Art Australia also offers rentals for customers in need of art work for special occasions or for their offices, restaurants, cafés, etc.  Clients who wish to merely rent any one of our famous reproduction paintings or large oil canvas paintings can do so with us.  If you would like to rent a large reproduced painting of Monet or a grand Pissarro art piece for a party or for your office, we have a wide selection of paintings for you to choose from, all of which are done by professional artists who have years' worth of experience in this field.

We offer attractive and reasonable rates for art for rent, which you can use for your office, boardroom, convention halls, and the like.  A direct call or chat with our customer support is enough to let us know when you would like to discuss requirements and quotes on our art rentals.

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