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Choose from thousands of beautiful hand painted oil paintings!

Each artist has a different message to express to the world through artwork. Choose from one of the Subjects below and take a closer look at the essence of each wall painting.

Why Buy Paintings Online Through Direct Art Australia?

Paintings can make a room look more sophisticated and set the mood and atmosphere. What makes Direct Art Australia different from a typical painting shop is that all our paintings for sale are 100% hand painted by trained professional artists.

Check out our museum quality paintings by clicking on a Subject below to see for yourself. We provide FREE shipping in all cities, towns, and outlying areas throughout Australia.


Impress your guests with a meticulously hand painted oil painting on canvas. We have a wide collection of paintings sorted by Subject.


DAA Knife Painting FA064

$299.00 $249.00

Knife Oil Paintings Direct Art Australia provides 100% handpainted oil paintings on canvas - no cheap prints or posters! We are Australia's oldest and most trusted supplier of professionally painted oil artwork on canvas. 100% Money back guarantee...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular painting subjects?

The subjects that artists feel inclined to paint is as diverse as the human experience. However, the three main categories of painting subjects include still life, landscapes, and portrait.

How do I choose a painting subject to display?

It depends on the theme of your space or the look and feel that you are aiming to achieve. At Direct Art Australia, we have a wide collection of painting subjects that you can choose from. Also, we offer affordable rates and FREE shipping for all our 100% hand painted oil paintings.

What artwork subject is perfect for my home?

Judging art if it is good or bad is highly subjective. When choosing a subject for a painting to hang on your walls, revisit your preferences and what makes an impact on you. Whatever subject you choose, it will surely be appealing to your guests as it will make a statement and reflect your own personality.

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