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Tang Treasures from the Silk Road Capital Art Exhibit

Posted by Direct Art Staff Writer on 8th Mar 2016

Tang Dynasty dates back from 618 to 907 AD with its roots originating in Chang’an, its capital city. This era was regarded as the golden age of art and literature because of its great contributions in those fields.The golden age of art and literature started with what Sui Dynasty left to the next empire during their regime. At the onset, Tang Dynasty art began in paintings with subjects that focus on Buddha and the Buddhism religion in its entirety. Court painting was also the big thing bac
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Art of Tom Roberts at the National Gallery of Australia. Paintings Prints

Posted by Direct Art Staff Writer on 10th Feb 2016

The National Gallery of Australia has opened an art exhibit last December to commemorate Tom Roberts’ works of art.Thomas William Roberts or more popularly known as Tom Roberts is one of the most celebrated icons of Australian art. He was known for his oil paintings which depicted the natural beauty of Australian landscapes as well as the life of the people in his country during his time. Aside from landscapes, cityscapes and industrial landscapes, Roberts also made portraits, still-life an
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Degas Exhibition NGV: A New Vision Exhibit of Impressionism Art

Posted by Marjorie on 28th Jan 2016

The National Gallery of Victoria will be launching a series of art exhibits at their gallery about the French famous artist, Edgar Degas on June 2016.Edgar Degas is considered as one of the pioneers of impressionism artworks. Before he became known for his impressionist paintings about dancing, theatre, racecourses and the Parisian life in general, he started his early career by creating historical paintings such as “The Young Spartans”. There was also a time in his stint as an artist whe
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The Return of Australasia's International Art Fair: Sydney Contemporary

Posted by Rea R. on 28th Aug 2015

AUSTRALASIA'S INTERNATIONAL  ART FAIR AT CARRIAGEWORKSBack in 2013, having attracted over 28,000 collectors, industry professionals and the art-loving public, the fair welcomed over 80 leading Australian and international galleries establishing itself as a must see event on Australia's cultural calendar.And now the Sydney Contemporary returns in 2015 from 10-13 of September (10AM-7PM) at the presenting over 90 galleries from 14 countries and 300+ artists. Don't miss out the official op
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TOM ROBERTS: The Legendary Australian Artist an Exhibition at NGA Canberra

Posted by Rea R. on 26th Aug 2015

Thomas William "Tom Roberts" (9 March 1856 - 14 September 1931)Australian Impressionist, Worked as a photographer's assistant while studying art and strove hard to be a successful artist.On December 4th at Canberra, the National Gallery of Australia will present the works of a legendary Australian artist Tom Roberts. The extraordinary exhibition shows how Roberts values the work of ordinary Australian people. He was also one of the first painters to recognize special character of
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