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Metal Art

Hand-painted on metal with a clear coated lacquer. 100% Hand made & created by highly-skilled artisan. Made of top grade materials. Since each piece is handcrafted, you can expect that no two items are alike




Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make your metal wall art in Australia?

All our metal wall art pieces are handmade by skilled artisans and crafted using top quality materials. At Direct Art Australia, each piece is hand painted on metal with a clear coated lacquer-- we don't use machines at all unlike other companies where digital painting is the technique used.

What is the best way to display indoor metal wall art in Australia?

Our indoor metal wall art can be displayed anywhere you please, but we would recommend to have it displayed near a window where there is sufficient natural light or in a space where there is good lighting. By displaying it under a vibrant light source, there will be a more dramatic effect and the details will stand out.

How do you clean and maintain metal artwork?

Our metal artwork is not difficult to maintain because we use a protective coat that makes it more resistant to dirt and will prevent fading, tarnishing, or rusting. You can simply use a dry, clean microfiber cloth to lightly wipe off dust. Do not rub it off with scurry pads, alcohol-based cleaners, or metal cleaner because these products may damage the surface or remove the clear coat that protects and keeps the sheen of your artwork.

Is metal wall decor popular in Australia?

Yes, metal wall decor has become popular for both indoor and outdoor display. Designers recommend metal wall art for its durability and contemporary appeal. You can check out our trendy metal art collection here.

How do I hang a metal art piece in Australia?

Despite the material used, metal art is not too heavy and can be hung just like any other artwork. You can easily hang it with nails, screws, or hooks that can be purchased in most hardware stores anywhere in Australia. If the metal wall art will be displayed in a high-traffic area, it is recommended to use hooks for mounting so it will not easily rattle off.



Metal Wall Art

Metal artwork has subtly made a stable place for itself in home decor and office interiors over the past few years. Modern-day designers include contemporary pieces of metal artwork to enhance the ambience of a residence without spending a fortune on vintage paintings or antiques. 

The metal artwork is not only great for indoors but also outdoors. It’s the ultimate way to decorate your backyard, terrace, or patio with artwork that doesn’t wear off with time. Owing to its gifted durability, metal artwork is longer-lasting, shatterproof, and water-resistant. At Direct Art Australia, we create hand-paintedartwork on high-quality metal with a clear-coated, shiny lacquer. All our pieces can be purchased online and are delivered throughout Australia for free. 

To rejuvenate your walls with a contemporary touch of sturdy and affordable art, check out our sale options today!


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