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Canvas Art for Bars, Cafés & Restaurants

We specialize in art for all kinds of industries and businesses, including bars, restaurants, and cafés

The restaurant and bar industry is booming continuously with more and more bars, cafés, and restaurants opened to cater to the many food preferences and tastes of customers worldwide.  It is only expected that the owners of these establishments would want beautiful and eye-catching wall décor to set the mood, ignite the appetites, and establish an ambiance of celebration and fiesta.  We at Direct Art Australia specialize in this industry as one of the leading wholesale artwork manufacturers in the country, offering oil canvas paintings and famous reproductions at affordable prices.

Below - Direct Art supplies Cairns Hilton all artwork for its 280 room $6 million refurbishment


Artwork for restaurants, bars, and cafés should do more than just fill up the blank spaces on the walls.  They should spark interest in the guests, encourage them to appreciate the look of the framed wall décor, and most of all encourage them to eat, eat and eat.  Coffee shops are especially places where customers would sit down and kill time, sipping coffee while waiting for the people they are supposed to meet at that hour.  To keep them from feeling bored, you as the owner of the establishment should hang interesting wall paintings like famous reproductions of artworks to keep their eyes amused and entertained.  Showing them famous reproduced paintings of Toulouse, Caravaggio, and Gaugin will definitely educate them and expose them to true style and design.  We are a leading wholesale art manufacturer of famous reproductions so you can count on us to bring in high quality artworks of famous artists from around the world at competitive prices.

Direct Art recently supplied all arwork for Four Points Sheraton Hotel. Over 275 large canvas paintings for the rooms - plus artwork for lobby, restaurant and bar.

Hospitality Hotel Wholesale Art Supplier

But of course there is the oil canvas painting to go for if you are looking to buy handsome wall décor immediately for your restaurant, bar, or café.  There are so many choices of oil canvas paintings to use for your establishment that you might feel overwhelmed from browsing and scouting for good oil paintings from our galleries.  No worries because this is what Direct Art Australia aims for.  We want to provide our customers a whole range of artworks to choose from as we strive to be the best and the most reliable wholesale framed art manufacturer in the country.  What's more, our oil paintings aren't prints.  They're 100% hand painted oil paintings done by professional artists who have extensive experience in this line of work.

We offer free shipping for customers located all over Australia, including big city locations like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide.

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