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Corporate Art for your Business and Office

Bringing in creativity and freedom of expression into the office

Adding beautiful oil paintings to your office can add a touch of elegance and worldliness that’s usually difficult to convey in a conservative and professional environment such as this. Whether you are expanding your corporate art collection or purchasing your very first piece for your office as CEO, let your organizational culture and corporate style lead you to the best sort of office artwork Direct Art Australia can offer you for your business.


Direct Art Australia recently furnished the New Sheraton Four Points Hotel Perth with over 300 Paintings and Art Pieces for it's multi-million dollar refurbishment.

If you want to convey a free-thinking and creative work environment while maintaining professionalism in the office then we may have something just for you.  For instance, abstract art tends to pull the viewer into a surreal state whenever they gaze at a beautiful abstract painting.  Likewise, contemporary art gives the impression of forward-thinking expressionism and modernity.

Maybe your office is geared toward a service profession like a doctor, counselor, or teacher. If so, it may be appropriate to hang landscape art for your office walls. Landscape art is a type of office art that is very soothing to people and creates an environment of relaxation. There’s nothing quite like walking into a doctor’s office with a beautiful painting of a sandy beach or the docks at dusk.  It puts you at ease almost immediately, which is why we offer a wide variety of oil canvas paintings using subjects like landscapes, abstracts, and the like.  


Direct Art Australia supplied all paintings (over 280 large oil paintings) for the Cairns Hilton Hotel mulit-million dollar award winning refurbishment.

Now if you want to a more traditional atmosphere in your workplace, you can go for reproductions of famous paintings from artists like Monet, Cezanne, Van Gogh, or O’Keefe. There is a certain familiarity found in famous paintings that people can relate to, which is why they also make a great choice for office wall décor.  By choosing famous reproductions, you establish yourself and your business with a classic, old-world flavor with an appreciation for the fundamentals. The way your clients feel when they walk into your office will depend on the kind of décor you have in your office, which is why empty walls speak volumes too. With Direct Art Australia, you are sure to find office art to complement your corporate style at an affordable price. Step in the shoes of your clients if you want a first hand look at the impression you are sending with your office framed art.

You can always move pieces around to change the mood in different offices or rooms if you like.  This adds interest in coworkers, especially when a new piece of artwork finds its way onto the boardroom wall. And believe it or not, clients even pay attention to the décor in the bathroom, which is why a tasteful piece of art in your office bathroom is important as well.

If you want to set your company apart from the competition, displaying magnificent and complementing office wall art in your office is a good way to differentiate yourself and your organization.  We at Direct Art Australia aim to serve clients looking for good quality office art as we are the leading office art manufacturer in the country with prices that are highly competitive and attractive to everyone's budget.  We also offer free shipping to all locations in Australia like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide.

So if you are ready to turn your office into a presentable and welcoming place, start shopping at our online store now.

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