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Sell Your Own Art

Fine Art Reproductions

Create limited edition canvas reproductions of your art / photos

Many prolific famous artists of the past employed a method to increase their leisure time and profits.

They employed student artists or apprentices to paint their own artworks and then sell the painting as their own.

If you would like our professional artists to paint your artwork so you can sell it online or at markets and galleries please contact us.

Our artists can faithfully reproduce your works and you still retain all rights.

For example, perhaps you paint a piece which takes 3 weeks then sell it for $2000. It may be an outstanding painting. You probably do not want to re-paint took so long and you want to move onto something new. Well, what about hiring someone to repaint it then you can re-sell it. Again and again and the same price.

For example, we could repaint a 100cm x 100cm painting for around $500 - you can resell it for whatever you want...say between $800 and $10,000 for example. Put it on your website or sell it at the gallery. You can sign it or we can sign your name (with your consent).

We send you photos of it to check first.

Or, you can put images on your site and if they sell we can paint it and send it to you.

Please contact us here and send in your painting for a quote.

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