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Direct Art Australia has become Australia's most affordable high quality Portrait from photo company.


...It's time to reveal our secret!

We are in contact with you regulary while the portrait is being ensure the portrait is being painted to your high standards....AND...drumroll please....

Direct Art Australia uses the 20% Deposit to Start Program. We only need a 20% deposit to start your process. It's what we call Lowering the Entry Barrier and has moved the risk away from the customer! It is such a fantastic safe guard that our artists have been working non-stop to fulfil the orders flowing from the new system.

The 20% Start Progam means you won't pay another cent until our artists have finished the portrait, sent you a big photo and you listened to your comments. They will do any addition or modification until you say 'Ok...THAT is WHAT I WANT!

We make the ordering process very easy through our online 'Easy Order Module'

The biggest and best advantage of working with us is that you are in contact with the artist - we will send you photos of how the painting is progressing AND you can suggest any last minute changes or alterations.

Our Artists are professionally trained and will not stop until you are 100% satisfied. We keep going until EVERY detail is PERFECT for you. (Which is usually the first time!)
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Searching for that special and unique gift idea for a loved one? A present which comes from the heart, which is affordable, amazing to look at and radiates a wonderful energy into any room?


Surprise your loved ones or workplace with an exquisite hand painted oil on canvas portrait painted from your favourite photograph or picture. Commission a talented artist to create a wonderful painting from photo for your home or as a unique gift for loved ones and friends.


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What is the best place to display a family portrait drawing in Australia?

Family portrait drawings can add charm and a homey feel to your space. The best place to display your custom-made family portrait paintings is anywhere in your house where guests can see them. They will make your home feel inviting and will showcase your family-oriented values. Specific areas include the living room (create a gallery wall or over the fireplace), the wall opposite to the front door, hallway, staircase wall, and the dining area.

Where can I get legit custom drawings from photos in Australia?

Doing a simple internet search will generate countless results of companies in Australia offering custom drawings from photos. However, not all can deliver good results at a reasonable price range. Direct Art Australia is one of Australia's most affordable high quality portrait from photo company.

Are custom portraits a good gift in Australia?

Absolutely! Anything personalised has a greater appeal than any store-bought gift and creates sentimental value. Because a custom portrait takes time to make, giving one as a gift shows that you prepared for the occassion and it's not a last-minute gift.

How long does it take to get custom-made portraits from photos in Australia?

Because our artist will never stop until we get even the tiniest detail right, this means there will be several rounds of review with the client and the length of time will vary. However, normally, it would only take us 14 to 28 days to paint and ship your custom-made portraits from photos.

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