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Famous Reproduction Art for Your Home

In your own home Once the privy of the elite this special style or art radiates a wonderful energy into any home All our oil painting reproductions are 100 hand painted from scratch by experienced artists Our artists use the same methods to paint as the painting was original created We do not use any computer process techniques eg glicee art or canvas transfers Our artist will restore the original texture and brush strokes according to their experience and understanding If you want for example a reproduction of Klimt s The Kiss we will use Klimt techniques to get as close as possible to his original Above you is the different stages involved in painting one of Gustav Klimt s masterpiece 1907 portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer This painting sold recently to cosmetic icon Ronald Lauder for 135 million USD We start with a sketch and gradually add more detail and colour until we have the finished painting above Have a look through our famous artist gallery if you can t see the painting you are looking for contact us we have a catalogue of 300 artists.

 Despite the numerous paintings hung on the museum walls and art galleries worldwide, only a few seem to leave a lasting impression on the viewer’s mind. The paintings that have survived the evolution of artistic concepts and transcended time are called historic masterpieces. These are the paintings that are recognised universally for their artistic finesse, which makes them worth hundreds of millions. For instance, Mona Lisa, The Starry Night, The Scream, and The Kiss, etc. It is impossible for a commoner to lay hands on such classics. 

 We, at Direct Art Australia, understand the lure of forbidden fruit and your elite taste in art. We recreated these famous paintings with the help of proficient artists from all around the world. Art lovers can now hang reproductions of the most iconic paintings on the walls of their home. Our highly skilled artists use the same techniques and oil colours to replicate the mastery shown on the originals. We strive to deliver museum quality hand-painted reproductions that do justice to the greatest works of art ever.    
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of your most popular art reproductions or replica paintings?

Our bestsellers for art reproductions or Top 50 most famous replica paintings at Direct Art Australia are those that are globally recognised for their artistic perfection. Some of these include the The Starry Night, Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Sunflowers, and The Kiss.

Are your art reproductions in Australia made using a computer and printed?

Absolutely not! All our art reproductions in Australia are 100% hand painted from scratch by our highly experienced professional artists. This means time and effort are spent on each one of the them.

What are art reproductions?

Art reproductions are commercial copies of an original artwork. Some art dealers in Australia mass produce these works of art through a printing process. However, at Direct Art Australia, all our art reproductions are hand painted by experienced professional artists through the same techniques used to make the original.

How do your make oil reproductions in Australia?

At Direct Art Australia, our oil painting reproductions are 100% hand painted by our professional artists using the same methods that were originally used to create them. Typically, we start with a sketch and gradually add more details and colours. Because we replicate even the techniques, our artist will be able to reproduce the texture and brush strokes.

Are oil painting reproductions expensive?

The prices of oil painting reproductions vary greatly, but they are usually inexpensive. At Direct Art Australia, we produce affordable museum-quality oil painting reproductions that can add aesthetic appeal to your living space or office. Our most popular art reproductions are masterpieces which are globally recognised for their artistic finesse. Paintings such as The Mona Lisa, The Starry Night, and The Scream are worth hundreds of millions of dollars. We make it possible for a commoner to lay hands on these classics with our oil painting reproductions worth a few hundred dollars. You may check our pricing guide here.


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