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Art of Tom Roberts at the National Gallery of Australia. Paintings Prints

Posted by Direct Art Staff Writer on 10th Feb 2016

The National Gallery of Australia has opened an art exhibit last December to commemorate Tom Roberts’ works of art.Thomas William Roberts or more popularly known as Tom Roberts is one of the most celebrated icons of Australian art. He was known for his oil paintings which depicted the natural beauty of Australian landscapes as well as the life of the people in his country during his time. Aside from landscapes, cityscapes and industrial landscapes, Roberts also made portraits, still-life an
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Top 5 Most Famous Paintings of All Time.

Posted by Direct Art Staff Writer on 1st Aug 2014

They’re called priceless, even though their price tags are so high, and they’re so famous, that generally only museums own them. You may know some of them by name, or by sight, however did you know that you might not know the history of some of the worlds most sought after artwork? In this article, we will discuss 5 of the most famous paintings of all time.5. Birth of VenusDepicting the goddess Venus, ‘Birth of Venus’ was created by Sandro Botticelli C.1485. The painting shows Aphrodite's (
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